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Get to know Alicia!

Hey! My name is Alicia and I’m a co-founder of Livin Social!


I love horse riding, walking dogs, running (I completed my first half marathon last year!), going on adventures and reading. I am hardworking, friendly and very passionate about the work I do!


I completed my bachelor of psychological science with honours in 2017 and have been a support worker/ therapy assistant for people with a disability, often autism ever since. I’ve facilitated a  variety of programs from social skills to cooking groups to recreational activities and camps. I get so much satisfaction seeing the people I work with learn more skills, try new things and ultimately live happier lives. I’m very excited to support young adults to build friendships,  go on the  adventures they dream of and make some amazing memories in the process! 

Get to know Isabelle!

Hi there! I'm Isabelle.

I am extremely passionate about mental health and sharing the amazing journey that life has to offer with those around me. I joined the Livin Social team as I aim to continue to support those living with disabilities to reach their goals and have fun whilst doing it!

If there is one thing I have learnt about the world around us, it is just how important it really is to bond together. Every person you meet has a story, every single person has their challenges. Doing life together makes it that little bit easier, that little bit more rewarding.

In my spare time you will often find me at a local cafe having brunch,  hanging out with friends, hiking a mountain or boogie boarding at the beach.

Get to know Kate!

Hey there! I'm Kate.

I'm a huge believer in making the moments count in life, experiencing new things and building fun, lasting memories with the people around you. Through my journey, I've seen that no matter what you have or the challenges you face each day, connecting with other people is so important in living a happy life.

I've joined the Livin Social team because it's my mission to help young people with a disability experience these fun moments, build amazing new friendships and create exciting life-long memories of their own.

In my free time you'll find me taking a dance class, going to the beach with friends, discovering new places and meeting new people!


Livin social crew

Get to know Jacqui!
Get to know Brandon!

Hi, my name is Jacqui! I'm bubbly and have a passion for helping people. In my spare time I like to visit places I've never been before, go to the beach, push my limits at the gym and relax in the sun. 


I have over 5 years of experience looking after children as a Nanny. I recently completed a Diploma to become an Education Support Worker but l have decided I would like to focus on Disability Support and inclusion.


I'm super excited to be working at Livin Social and help our guests reach their potential. Hope to see you soon!

Hey! My name's Brandon and I’m a support worker at Livin Social. I love sports, travelling, going on adventures and occasionally reading.

I completed my bachelor of Applied Science (Health and Physical Education) with honours in 2017 and have been a support worker for people with a disability over weekends whilst being a full-time Secondary Health/PE teacher. I’ve coordinated sporting programs and have been involved in a variety of programs which include camps for school students and supporting clients with disabilities.

I’m very excited to help support and empower young adults to help them make greater decisions to allow them to develop to their full potential and help fulfil their meaning in life whilst creating some fun memories at Livin Social.

Get to know Kate!
Get to know Jo (left) and Em (right)!

Hello everyone! I’m Kate and I’m so excited to be part of Livin Social. I am currently studying Psychology. I have over three years experience in disability and enjoy supporting others to have fun! 

In my spare time you’ll find me going on spontaneous road trips, browsing the aisles of bookstores, playing with clay to make quirky homewares and watching as many movies as I can. I’m always taking recommendations if you have any - 

I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Hi, my name’s Jo and I am so excited to be part of the LS team! I'm currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology which I have loved so far. I am truly passionate about working with people and providing them with great experiences. I love traveling to new places, staying active and being with friends and family.

My name's Emily and I love horse riding, camping & hanging out with family & friends. In 2021, I became a mum & it gave me the most intense want to create environments where everyone around me knows that they're equal, wanted and involved. I pride myself on being approachable, kind & caring, and a person to call whenever someone is in need. 



Livin Social is not NDIS registered therefore our supports can only be funded by your NDIS Plan if you are self-managed or plan managed. Please contact us if you’d like more information

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